Share a ride with your friends effortlessly

Going out is fun and easy. Just use Schlep to share rides with your buds at the tap of a button.



Avoid stranger danger - share rides only with people you know & trust.


A trusted network based upon love, loyalty & friendship.

True Ride Sharing

Unlike other services, Schlep drivers keep 100% of their earnings!

Beyond Transportation

Join the ultimate friendship vehicle & make a difference.

Socially Responsible

Our goal is to reduce drinking & driving & promote social responsibility.


Beyond Peer-to-Peer, we are the apex of collaborative consumption.

There is no substitute for safety and peace of mind

We all know the dangers of getting into a car with a complete stranger. Schlep is the first true "pal-2-pal" ride share model that will mitigate passenger risks and danger.

Amy Van HornIt's about time! Finally, there's a service that cares about the safety of its passengers (and drivers). With Schlep, you'd be a fool to step foot inside a stranger's car again!
Amy Van Horn
Boca Raton FL

How it works


It's time to really connect with your friends again

Share a ride or a laugh together. Create lasting memories. Schlep is here to bring friends closer than ever before.

Want to become a VIP Schleper?

Schlep is currently in beta mode. We are looking for some super-chilled drivers & riders to help us prepare for our upcoming launch!

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More key features

These will really blow your mind (we promise)

Commerce Integration

In-app component allowing local businesses & merchants to offer promotional discounts & ride subsidies to Schlep users.

Long Distance Rides

This is only possible with our friendship based model. After all, would you get into a car with a stranger for a long distance ride?


Application of game mechanics such as point scoring, rewards & incentives, and competition with fellow Schlepers make the user experience fun & exciting.

Fee-Free Ride Share

Take back your 20%! We are a true-friendship network. Friends decide what should be paid between friends for rides.

Advanced Booking

Book rides in advance, not just on the go.

Real Time Alerts

In-app feature enabling nearby merchants to send coupons & incentives to Schlepers on the road. "Thirsty? Stop by for a free Slurpee!"

Schlep is already creating raving fans with our beta users!

Don't just take our word for it

As a single woman living in a crowded city like Ft Lauderdale, Schlep is a welcome service - why didn't Uber & Lyft think about this?
Beth Malone
Beth Malone
Licensed Practical Nurse
Funky name - cool concept! I hope these guys make it to the big stage. Their idea is invaluable!
Bill Hersh
Bill Hersh
Real Estate Appraiser
I was skeptical at first but the beta went pretty well. Really dig the merchant feature where they send you cool stuff to redeem while on the road.
Martin F.
Martin F.
Developer/Student @ FAU

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